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Help Me live my dream
Fear won't let you rest

When you are challenged and under pressure inside, your flesh (outer you) will not rest, and that's where all the anxiety, worry, and unrest stores up. Aniekan J. Whyte.

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Your passion, your destiny your life

A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ~ George Bernard Shaw. Playwright

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These words can shape your future - good or bad

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. Napoleon Hill.

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How intentional are you about living?

An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance. ~ John C Maxwell.

“A clear dedication to helping individuals and professionals live the lifestyle of their dream and desire. We believe that Together, we can convey Clarity, Relevance and discover a new and better Direction.”

Living an Effective Lifestyle Inc. is one of Canada’s leading Life Coaching Firms for living purposefully, dedicated to helping Canadians live a clear, intentional and successful lifestyle – whatever that means to them.

Over the years, we've helped hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs gain focus, understand their relevance and a clear direction for their lives: through our Coaching programs, Mentoring programs, Seminars, Blog post, Newsletters, Speaking, Live events, Materials & Training Workshops since 2009.

As the seasoned Life Coaches, Speakers, Mentors and Train the Coaches firm, we have coached, guided, consulted, and mentored hundreds of individuals on their journey to discovering their life’s vision, relevance, and purpose, as a result, they could genuinely live Effective Lifestyle, becoming the person they were destined to be, do and have.

In Living an Effective Lifestyle Inc., we have discovered what works best for individuals and professionals in the small, medium and large organization in understanding effectiveness in regards to their lives and how they function individually or within a group to improve productivity and sales within an organization from the least to the top personnel.


Everybody Needs a Life Coach. Watch This!

In today’s world, Coaching isn't just for sports anymore. However, the roof of successful performances, achievements, and successes can be found in the coaching received by individuals enacting the great deeds.

  • “The course was the perfect mix for me at the perfect time.  Meeting with Aniekan one-on-one following the course was my greatest opportunity for clarity. Being able to sit across from one another and break down my 2 key goals into parts was amazing. If you need direction or discernment in your choices and goals, DO NOT HESITATE! do this!!  It is great for those who think they DO know what their goals are AND it is also perfect for those who just aren't sure!! Because the percolation process you start with is so helpful. It seems vague at the start but it helps you throw your thoughts onto paper and then work from there.”
    Jennifer Magee
    Customer Service Representative at City of Oshawa
  • Feeling inspired, some people are made to spark something inside of you never knew you had. Had an inspirational session with Coach Aniekan
    Renée S. Joseph
    Experienced Mortgage Professional, Complaints Anaylst, AML
  • I'm totally loving your wise words and leadership Aniekan. Keep it up!!  You're wise and seasoned and making a difference.
    P Doug
    The Embassy Church - Oshawa
  • “I set a goal and wrote steps down on how to achieve it. I made concise plans on how to achieve these things. What I started seeing in my life, I noticed that my life started taking certain turns, things started happening in my life, I had a purpose and I stuck to my timeline. I can successfully say I've been doing that and my life has been a lot better, and my goals seem closer than ever before. Today I can proudly say I have saved thousands and I am one step closer to having the keys to my own mansion. Laughing..., well, not impossible but let's say I am really close to purchasing my own home.”
    Ub Ituen
    IT Consultant