I know we have been taught not to judge others; eventually, we find ourselves doing just that over and over again. I believe it is actually in our nature as human beings to directly or indirectly make judgments about the people who come in contact with us.

I believe others see what you are before they hear who you are and there are at least seven (7) things they can determine primarily from your appearance. They include your Education Level, Moral Character, Income, Success, Trustworthiness, Sophistication and Social Position. What they’re listening out for is your confirmation.

Now that you are aware of these things you can pay close attention to the way you present yourself. You want to ask yourself, what kind of image are you looking to project? How are what you are wearing and your image influence the people around you?

These are the questions I want you to ask yourself the next time you decide to step out, whatever the occasion is:

– How will this appearance serve me in building my sense of significance?
– Though this is what I like to dress, is this the image I would like to project?
– Will my appearance honestly work for or against me in the light of building myself up?

You have to remember that every time you present a confident and sure image (even when your feelings inside is saying otherwise), it helps others around you perceive you as a confident person.
That, in turn, creates the kind of positive energy in and around you that will boost your self-confidence.

Remember… You were crafted for a lifestyle of effectiveness, make it count today.

Thank you

Coach Aniekan
Life Coach, Author & Speaker.