Worry, fear, anxiety, upset, depression – have become such household names in our society now that I’m begging to think if we truly understand the damage they do to us as individuals.

Since science is now beginning to connect physical illnesses to the state of a person’s emotional well being, you will need to rethink the ways you currently deal with these sometimes harmless emotions.

Something I once heard stuck with me for a long time is, “Anything or anyone that angers you controls you.” So let’s take just a minute and reevaluate this. When you allow any of these emotions to control you, do they solve the problem or make it worse?

These emotions will come upon you (if you’re not under one now), but you don’t have to allow them to pressure you. Like I’ve always believed, you cannot do anything to stop a bird from flying over your head, but you don’t have to let it build a nest on your head.

Finally, these negative emotions come to steal, kill and destroy your health, relationships, joy, finances, etc. Don’t let them in anymore!! I want you to think of that the next time you’re tempted to be fearful or upset, or worry, or angry, or depressed…

Just stand your ground and refuse to fear, worry, be upset or depressed; resist these emotions with your words and don’t give them place in your thoughts – you’ll be glad you did.

Remember… You were crafted for a lifestyle of effectiveness, make it count today.

Thank you

Coach Aniekan
Life Coach, Author & Speaker.