How You Can Have Anything in Life By Simply – Being.

True happiness is a state of being, not a destination. If you think you’ll be happy when you get something or have something or even somebody, then you’re making the same mistake most people make.

Happiness for me is knowing who I am, how God has wired me and the reason for my being, which in turn has created a broad sense of contentment that’s kept me laughing more randomly than I’ve ever done in my entire life.

As someone rightly said. ‘Work on BEING not on HAVING, because with Who You Are, you can get anything.’ Start where I and most others started – going to The One who made you, God Himself and asking Him who am I? Let Him tell you; listen with an open heart as He unveils the real you.

Another thing you’d want to ask Him is, “Lord, how am I wired that makes me unique?” Once you have that taken care of, you can ask for your assignment on earth.

That is when your true journey to fulfilling your life’s vision starts. The beginning for you, and you’ll be glad you did.

Remember… You were crafted for a lifestyle of effectiveness, make it count today.

Thank you

Coach Aniekan
Life Coach, Author & Speaker.