Boost Your Productivity Signature Program™


Working less while getting more done isn’t easy, especially, if you have a heavy daily schedule. But it is possible.

You don’t need expensive software, special tools or time-intensive methods to boost your productivity. You just need some planning, creative thinking and a determination to stick to your new plan.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”
~ Tim Ferriss

Why This Workshops?

The Boost Your Productivity Signature Program™ is prepared meticulously by our trainers and course designers who specially designed them in a manner geared towards producing your optimal performance.

We believe your time is valuable, as our time is, so our goal is to prepare you best while taking up the least amount of their time possible.

We have crafted this program to use a blend of classroom discussions, case studies, in-class Assignments, and participant interaction with formal role-plays to ingrain the concepts into the participant’s heart and mind.

Workshop Delivery

It is not rocket science, but a learned skill for anyone who is willing to learn and implement.

This workshop is ALL about you, entirely focused on helping you get more done, whatever that means to you, and because the key lies in taking consistent action, we will ensure that together you do that.

The Boost Your Productivity Signature Program™ is conducted by one of our top trainers, and our training session comprises of lectures, assignments, activities, and role play that will demonstrate the subject matters.

Who Should Attend:

The Boost Your Productivity Signature Program™ is for all cadres of Leadership, whether small, medium or large size organizations, Churches, Heads of Departments, Coordinators, Supervisor, individuals and business professionals who choose to implement strategies so they can work less while getting more done, because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.



Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Program:

  How to identify bad habits that are interfering with your productivity –   and how to fix them.

 How to create a schedule that gives you more time to achieve your goals.

 How to build a support team, at work or home, and how to ask for help.

 How to create effective checklists and manage your to-do lists.

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

~ Peter Drucker

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