Fear Won't Let You Rest

When you are challenged, and under pressure inside, your flesh (outer you) will not rest, and that's where all the anxiety, worry, and unrest stores up.

~ Aniekan J. Whyte

The world we live in is governed by fear because a lot of people grew up in environments ruled by it and have in turn passed it on to their children and grandchildren. Whether it is the fear of scarcity, inadequacy, rejection, loss, failure, the unknown, public speaking or even death, I believe we can stop this cycle.

What's your greatest fear?

What have you seen that’s looking impossible?

What have you been told ‘it is impossible?’

What do you think will never work out for you?

Who have you tried to become,

What have you attempted to accomplish and given up?

What ideas have you given up?

Fear could be expressed in different levels and could either be full blown into a panic terror where you’re just mindless, paralyzed and frozen or a slight discomfort and mild anxiety.


Fear works mostly by seeking ways to influence you through your thoughts. Your mind is where all your battles take place, and that's where you either win or lose the stand against fear. As people, we have learned how to disguise fear and instead of calling it fear we would rather call it stress, tension or pressure. You've got to watch out for these indicators of fears and not let it in.

No one can put fear in you against your will, absolutely not. Although it can come against you from the outside and can be factual trying to change your heart, soul, or even your mind, that's the most it can do so know this "if you have fear in you, it is because you permitted it - knowingly or unintentionally."

The sad thing is this if you have fear inside your heart, soul and mind your flesh (which is on the outside) will not be able to rest. Since you cannot go indefinitely without rest, your health will eventually be affected and result in being stressed, sick or mentally pressured. That is why it is imperative to know that how to get rid of fear is one of your keys to living the effective lifestyle.

To rest is not the same as sleep because it is possible to sleep all day and still not have rested well. It is a state of your mind. I have seen it happen with my wife Diana who after sleeping for a long stretch of hours would wake up looking and feeling un-rested.

When you genuinely rest, your mind, body system and environ can rest that is where your peace and joy will emanate from - in your state of joy and peace lies your strength and maximum productivity.

You can reverse some of the negativities and challenges you've been confronted with for a while just by RESTING.


There is a significant difference between having respect and being afraid of a lion, a ten (10) ton truck or a poisonous snake because of the strong ability they possess. The respect for these and other things in life helps me to know how to get accustomed to them, but not with fear.

When we teach our children to have this kind of respect for things and people without fear they grow up healthier as men and woman.


You will have to develop a zero tolerance for fear - about your health, children, grandchildren, job, business, community, spouse, marriage, boss, and anything else that fits the description.





Fear, as well as faith, is a spirit, do not get all spooky with this because they have been working in your life continuously - a combination of the things you have either resisted or the things you've allowed. Sadly you may have allowed fear to rule you until it's now difficult to differentiate when fear attacks you.


I personally have heard and also experienced instances where I was so scared to the point that I became traumatized and could not do or say anything. After the incident was over, I asked myself why I acted that way.


I have seen fear drive people into doing some of the stupidest and dumbest things in life - because fear, takes over and leads you in the wrong direction all the time.


Be assured that every man or woman who has accomplished any great thing on earth has had to confront some fear, so you don't have to be afraid; once you take your stand, fear will have to give way.


The way I have been dealing with fear is to first I typically go through every area of my life ask myself these questions - what is it that makes me afraid or scares me? What is it that I'm fearful of losing or Would it work out?.

 I keep digging until I find out is the fear. The outcome for me is always the fear of loss - some irrecoverable loss.

Remember you have to search until you have found what exactly you're afraid of before you can go to the next step.

Secondly, now that you have identified what it is that you are afraid of you to have to resist it. There is something very beautiful about your mouths (the tongue) because in it lies the ability to change the course of situations either in you or around you. Unfortunately many have used it against themselves more often than for themselves.

History has shown us that with your mouth we can make or break you including lives (THESE WORDS CAN SHAPE YOUR FUTURE - GOOD or BAD, http://www.aniekanjoshuawhyte.com/?p=1269) - words especially your words have tremendous influence over your life.

Resisting fear starts with your mouth, and you say it to yourself - like a mutter under your breathe. 'I refuse to fear,' those four words have been a lifesaver for me. The more prominent the fear, the louder you get into saying it... I refuse to fear. I mean even with a full blown panic attack where you're shaking and all scared is when you let your mouth go to work for you. You keep speaking and saying it out loud "I refuse to fear" "fear I resist you, go from me" "I refuse to fear."

Fear is a persistent thing, and you have to be more persistent to subdue and stay on top of it. Now the good thing is that if you stand your ground and do not give in or give up, it leaves you but for a while.

Any time you have felt fear, thoughts of fear, something is trying to shake you or move you don't just be silent, speak up against it and if in a crowded place, go someplace secluded. Say out loud fear, and I resist you (it's a spirit)

Finally, you have identified the root of the fear, you have begun to resist it with your words the next and final thing is to replace the fear thoughts with words of what it is you want or desire about the person, thing or place - whether a person, your body or something.

How have you dealt with fear?

What other lessons about fear can you share with us?

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